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Write for naturedost

We love writers and bloggers who are writing about nature or gardening articles. Naturedost is a simply a platform to encourage people about gardening, what are the benefits of gardening and how it helps the environment. 

We want writers to written on these topics :-

  1. Gardening tools
  2. Indoor and outdoor plants
  3. Gardening ideas
  4. On specific plants 
  5. Fertilisers and compost
  6. We also love nature related stuff

 We welcome blogger who are creative and have some new ideas about gardening and nature.

Things to remember

  1. Article should be more than 800 words. 
  2. Have some high quality images
  3. Article should be unique and  plagiarism free.
  4. Article should be Grammatically correct. 
  5.  Article should be checked and published only after correction (if needed)
  6.  One do-follow link is allowed and we can put internal linking

You can send your guest post on [email protected]  with article and images.